Under 25?

Most organisations are keen to involve young volunteers as they welcome the enthusiasm, fresh ideas and diversity young people can bring. However, some volunteering opportunities have age restrictions. There are lots of valid reasons for this, but unfortunately it limits the number of opportunities that young people, especially those under the age of 16 years old can get involved with. If you are under 16, click here to view our new volunteering directory for young people. 

f you would like to discuss volunteering and are under 25 please contact the Transform Team by either email: keith@volunteermidlothian.org.uk, Text: 07977897950, or Phone: 0131 660 1216.

Alternatively, you can view volunteering opportunities on our database on the right-hand column on this page.

Saltire Awards

Already volunteering? Saltire Awards offer you the chance to have your commitment and contribution formally recognised.

Support into Volunteering

More information about advice service offered to young people who are interested in finding out about volunteering

Transform Project

Transform is a supported volunteering project run by Volunteer Midlothian, designed specifically for young people under 20 who require extra support to access volunteering. There are a few opportunities as part of this project including Intergenerational Befriending, Gardening, Primary School Groups and Easter/Summer Playschemes.


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Volunteering FAQ

Why get involved as a volunteer?

People volunteer for many different reasons. Making a difference to the lives of others is immensely rewarding, but the benefits don’t stop there. Volunteering can give you the skills and confidence you need to get into work, climb the career ladder or expand your circle of friends.

Who can be a volunteer?

Anyone can contribute. For most of the work no experience is required – just a willingness to get involved and help. Training is usually provided for more involved volunteer roles.

What commitment do I have to make?

The time commitment you make to volunteering depends largely on the type of work you are interested in. Some organisations ask for a few hours per month; others a few days a week. It is usually up to you and the organisation involved to arrange suitable times for you to work.

Can I volunteer whilst claiming benefits?

Yes. You can volunteer for as many hours as you want, as long as you still meet the conditions to get your benefit or tax credit. The old rule that you could only volunteer for 16 hours a week or less no longer applies. Any out of pocket expenses you receive will usually be disregarded when it comes to working out your income. We advise that if you are receiving benefits that you let you Job Centre Advisor know before you start volunteering - they may ask you to complete a form which details where you are going to volunteer, how many hours you plan to do and what expenses will be reimbursed.

Will my expenses be paid?

It is good practice for organisations to pay volunteers' expenses to cover things like travel expenses and meal allowances. However not all organisations do, so it is worth checking before you start to volunteer.

I want to work with children or vulnerable people - do I need to join the PVG Scheme?

Volunteering that brings you into contact with children, or with people who are considered vulnerable will require a more stringent selection process which may include Protection of Vulnerable Groups Check. This involves completing a form detailing your previous addresses and provided proof of identity. You will not pay anything for this. Having a criminal conviction or contact with the police does not automatically bar someone from volunteering with children or vulnerable people – but it is worth seeking confidential advice from staff at Volunteer Midlothian before you go any further.

What support does Volunteer Midlothian offer?

Starting volunteering can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have never volunteered before. Our staff will be happy to make the initial contact for you and may be able to come with you on your first visit if you feel that will help. We will also keep in touch with you and the organisation you volunteer with to make sure things are going smoothly. We can also tailor support for those who feel they need a little more help to get started and to maintain their volunteering..